I do not posture macular holes (Just avoid laying on your back for the first week) but I may posture patients with a retinal detachment. Bubbles float up to the top as soon as your eye produces fluid which it does continuously. If your retina was damaged at the bottom the gas will not cover this area when you are upright and fluid may get back under the retina through the break before it has had time to seal down with the laser or freezing treatment received during the operation (See retinal detachment). In this situation I may posture you on your side or face down or on your back depending on where breaks are and how many of them there are. The aim of posturing is to get the tears supported by the gas to allow time for healing. I may ask you to sleep on one side or the other but do not worry if you roll over in your sleep just do your best! Posturing is hard going and I would ask you to posture for 45 minutes in the hour, every hour during the day for up to one week.