Stephen Lash Eye Surgery

At the end of surgery the drape will be carefully removed as it is quite sticky. Eyebrow remodeling has been seen! The eye will be cleaned up and, if you have had an injection, the eye will be padded shut. If you have not, a clear shield will be taped over the eye and this will stay on overnight. You will be wheeled out of theatre and taken back to the ward where you will be rewarded with a nice cup of tea! This is the time to fully relax and settle after surgery. The nurses will then go through your drops and any other instructions before you go home. These days surgery is very minimally invasive and wounds are small and heal quickly. I suggest that the first week you treat the eye as a potentially infectable site and take the appropriate precautions with regards to washing and showering and avoid swimming and steam rooms. I have never fully understood the 'no heavy lifting' instructions so in general just get back to normal and take it at your own pace. Many patients want to get back to work and some will go back day 1 but just be sensible!


Eye surgery is usually not painful. Most people may have some grittiness in the eye for a day and some minor aching but most will sleep well the first night and get up feeling well. I will sometimes give some 'magic drops' which are an anaesthetic drop to be used if the eye feels very gritty. I found these very useful when I had eye surgery and theyreally helped me get back to sleep that first night so keep them by your bed.

Pain I worry about would result form two issues. The most important is severe pain within the first 5 days of surgery with a red eye and poor sight. This could be infection and you should seek eye casualty help urgently whatever the time of day. The other pain that is of concern is a deep aching in the eye and around. It may feel like a toothache in the eye and you may feel sick. This is most likely due to high pressure in the eye and you should also seek help urgently.