Stephen Lash Eye Surgery

This page is aimed at GPs, medical students,Optometrists and the Ophthalmic surgical trainees. It includes some of the lecture slides from presentations I have given, although those that know me will remember that my talks are mainly about the discussions during the talks and not the text on the slides (I dislike powerpoint!) I am passionate about educating all the professionals involved in eye care. Joined up care makes a lot more sense.


GP TARGET Jan 2014 powerpoint.pdf GP TARGET Jan 2014 powerpoint.pdf
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Undergrad teaching acute visual loss.pdf Undergrad teaching acute visual loss.pdf
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Optometrists: Four Seasons Education meeting. Next Meeting 11/10/17

Holiday Inn, Eastleigh, 6:30 pm.

OCT evening with cases and an OCT machine to try! Lead by Stephen Lash


I will be chairing a meeting on reinal detachment at EVRS September 2017

Royal College of Ophthalmologists IOL Fixation course 13/10/17 All day. I will be talking on lens fixation techniques including Needle Haptic Fixation.

I will be part of the faculty with David Steel and Mahi Muqit

Ophthalmic trainees: How to do an anterior Vitrectomy

Anterior Vitrectomy.pptx Anterior Vitrectomy.pptx
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